About The Art Safari

The Weaverville Art Safari is one of the original studio tours in the Asheville Area and one of the longest-running such events in Western North Carolina.  It is a two-day juried studio tour that takes place every Spring and Fall (usually the last weekend of April and the first weekend of November).  It is widely recognized for both the quality of work on display and for the unique opportunity it provides the public to ramble through this beautiful area, meeting our artists and seeing the spaces where they work and live. It is a favorite of both locals and visitors and draws thousands of art lovers to our area each year!  

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Interested in Becoming Part of the Safari?

Click on each of the frequently asked questions below to get your answers:

The Safari is primarily focused on highlighting artists living and working in the Weaverville area. (That includes Weaverville and a number of adjacent communities in northern Buncombe County, such as Woodfin, Jupiter, and Barnardsville.) Artists living outside the area can also participate, but only if they are invited by a member artist to exhibit in that member’s studio/home.

Artists who live and work in the Weaverville area are eligible to become member artists of the Safari. Safari members pay a lower registration fee for each Safari, and receive an easily-editable page on the Safari website that will remain active for as long as their registration stays current.

Artists who are invited to exhibit their work in a member artist’s studio are, by default, visiting artists. Visiting artists pay a higher registration fee; they also receive an editable page on the site, but, since they’re not allowed to exhibit in this way on a recurring basis, their page will be deleted after the event for which they’ve registered.

Whether you’re a member or visiting artist, once you’ve registered, you’ll also receive a number of other perks, including:

– A listing (name and featured images) on the front page of our website, including an interactive map showing your studio location, Social media and contact info

– A personalized entry on the Brochure, with your studio and Guest artists listed

– Networking with other local artists and craftspeople

Aside from these individual benefits, you’ll also benefit from our extensive advertising and PR campaign — including banners, print ads, radio spots on BPR and WNCW, articles, social media, and more — all of which drive visitors to you and your work. The Safari DOES NOT take a portion of your proceeds from sales. We do everything in our power to make this a weekend that’s good for you and your artistic business — the registration fee is all you’ll pay!

If you are a Weaverville area Artist, and would like to participate in the Safari, you must jury into the organization to become a member.  You only need to get juried in the first time you participate.

Select the Jury Artist button and complete your profile/listing.  Photographs uploaded will be used by the jury committee to make decisions about membership.  There is no charge to be juried.

NB: The registration windows are generally around January 22 – February 22 (for the spring) and July 15- August 15 (for the fall); outside of those windows, the registration buttons are inactive. The jury process begins on the first day of registration and last approximately 2 weeks, allowing time to register and pay for the safari after the jury process is complete.

After your profile is completed and submitted, our jury panel — made up of other local artists in a variety of disciplines — will review your work samples to ensure you meet our standards for participation. You must ensure your Studio is accessible and that you are insured for all Visitor liabilities.You can continue to exhibit at every subsequent Safari, so long as you re-register and pay the fee by the deadline for each one. And for as long as you stay current on your registrations fees, your artist profile will remain active on our website.

Those who don’t live and/or work in the area may be able to exhibit as visiting artists. 

To be eligible for visiting-artist participation, you must have an invitation from one of our established members to exhibit in their studio. This is because we don’t put visiting artists through the full jury process; instead, the member artist is vouching for the quality of your work by inviting you to show in their space. The fee for visiting artists is also higher because, although we are always happy to have guest artists, the Safari is really meant to be a showcase for folks who live and make work here.

Once decided, you will apply as Visiting Artist on the Website, create an account, and build your profile online. The only difference is that you’ll choose and pay for the “Visiting Artist” level, and fill in the name and physical address for the member artist who’s hosting you.

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