Spring 2023 Art Safari Registration

January 22nd – February 5th

If you live in Weaverville and want to participate as a resident artist and member of the Weaverville Art Safari, you must jury in.  Application for jurying will not be accessible before OR after the designated application period.  You will be notified if your application is accepted.  Please FIRST read the Member Eligibility requirements below.


  • Members must reside within our established geographical boundaries.Defined Geographical Area Includes:▪ 28787 zip code area ▪ 28804 north of Baird Cove Rd ▪ 28709 west of a vertical line from the Buncombe-Madison County line through the intersection of Martins Creek & Maney Mountain roads to the 28787 zip code line. ▪ 28701 east of the French Broad River or 28701 east of a southerly driving route from the river on Franklin Knoll Rd to Fletcher Martin to Embler to Cross Anchor to Sluder to Rhymer. The southern boundary of this section of 28701 is formed by a horizontal line extending from Rhymer to the river.
  • All Art Exhibited and promoted on the Brochure/website during the studio Tour Must belong to the Member artist, who demonstrates a proficient mastery of their chosen craft and an ability to explain their process to Studio Visitors. Work must be handmade in the USA and reflect a good level of craftsmanship. Reproductions and factory made/assisted work must not make up more than 10% of the Member’s work. The exceptions being in the Fine Art Category, where printed series,giclee and photography reprints are common.
  • Current Categories of Art Safari Artists include: Glass, Wood, Clay, Fiber, Jewelry, Fine Art, Mixed Media
  • Members must verify during tour registration that their exhibit site is safe for tour-goers and that they are comfortable with their personal insurance provisions for having visitors during art safari tours. WAS does not provide such insurance to members.
  • Members must pay tour registration fees, and perform work assignments in support of organizational activities.

Jan 22nd – Feb 22nd

SAFARI ARTISTS have completed the jury process and are resident members.  They are not required to participate in every Safari, but they must register for each Safari in which they do choose to participate.  Every artist must sign up to participate on a working committee before registering.

Feb 23rd – March 2nd

VISITING ARTISTS need not apply to the jurying process.   They must be invited by a member of the Art Safari and agree to exhibit from that Artist’s studio.

If you wish to be a visiting artist, and have been invited, please follow these steps:
1,  Contact a registered artist to request exhibit privileges at their location before  ARTISTS’ OPEN REGISTRATION (see section above).
2.  When your host artist registers, he/she will verify that you have made contact by listing your name and contact information.
3.  When registration for Visiting Artists’ open (see dates above), you will receive an email with a link to the registration page.
4.  Thank you for participating in our Safari!  Hope you have a successful weekend!

Art Safari_tiger in grass

For more information, contact artsafariweaverville@gmail.com